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Custom Made Carton

Construction type

Internal dimensions

1 cm = 10 mm
Karton Abmaße


Wave informations (approx. declaration)

E: 1,5 mm | B: 3,0 mm | C: 4,0 mm | EB: 4,5 mm | BC: 7,0 mm



desired quantity:
Deviation of quantity: +/-10 % (only the actual delivered quantity will be invoiced)

Your choice

Construction type: please choose

Internal dimensions: please choose

Quality: please choose

Printing: please choose

Amount: please choose

Your Price

The unit price includes costs for tools. These just arise with you first order of these boxes. With following order the box will only cost .
* Shipping costs to abroad and german islands must be requested separately.
** The shipping to Custom Made Carton abroad takes about 2-3 working days longer!
For your first order the following payment methods are available: prepayment, PayPal, immediate transfer, creditcard. The delivery time will be calculated from receipt of the order confirmation!
Unfortunately, we cannot quote a binding price for your custom made carton with the information you provide online. We will be happy to calculate our best price for you, but please ask for a quote!
The following qualities can be offered for your requested quantity: B 1.2 brown, B 1.2 white, B 1.3 brown, C 1.3 brown, BC 2.3 brown / for Fefco 427, 426 and 421: B 1.2 brown, B 1.2 white, B 1.3 brown, C1.3 brown.

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