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DHL Postal Boxes

Shipping with maximum dimensions of DHL!

Bought cheap means send cheap - online at karton.eu...

For the safe dispatch DHL boxes are suitable, which fulfil the package dimensions of DHL or even the correspond to the maximum girth of DPD. Discover, according to the purpose, single wall folding boxes for light-weight to medium-weight goods or maybe double wall boxes for heavier weights here in our online shop. Especially as the transport costs not only define themselves about weight, but also with the dimensions of the cartons, you should really pay attention to the observance of the, relatively to the goods, possibly smallest package dimensions. Just a few centimetres and a few grams too can sometimes decide on clearly different postage and shipping costs. Therefore, plan early and use the offers of our cartons and cardboard packaging.   

In all areas prepared for your demands

As a specialist for dispatch and packaging materials we adapted ourselves with our whole storekeeping, the transport routes such as our assortment to all eventualities of our customers. With our years of experience, we are aware of how dependent a sender is on any time available and exactly suitable cartons and cardboard boxes. Nothing is more annoying than to have to improvise at the determining moment of an order. Sure, you can do that! But you certainly know, that every improvisation costs money, if in form of time, packaging material, postage or in questions of the external representation. So that this does not happen to you, with us you can find DHL boxes in various dimensions.

Also with pleasure for private customers - a lot is possible with DHL boxes

Profit from our comprehensive offer as a private customer. You want to organise a move, look forward to a new centre of life and now need to make your belongings ready for shipment? DHL boxes are suitable for this too. Packed in an easy manner and best for stacking. After all some of the personal items ask, on account of their weight, for different containers than big, sometimes maybe oversized moving boxes. So that everything fits with cartons and cardboard boxes - from the birthday present or other festive occasions up to the move, trust in our services: perfectly packed with karton.eu.

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