Maxi Letter & Postal Boxes

For the postage-saving shipping!

Practicably and at a reasonable price Maxi Letter Boxes and their "brothers"...

Practically and postage-saving at the same time, pack your documents, magazines, books or similar in the maxi letter box. Particularly large senders profit by exact to the product conformist packaging variation. Customers, who are interested in the maxi letter boxes often are also interested in the large letter boxes, large envelopes or book packaging. So that the shipping of your goods is as optically tidily as fast and qulick, discover the possibilities fitting to your specific demands in our online assortment.

No delays in delivery - stock up on time at karton.eu

As a specialist for all variations of cardboards and cardboard packaging we could create a clear reputation with our clientele. We consistently prove that with our storage capacities and the best organised ways of delivery we are your reliable partner for your, demanded by your shipping goods, packaging solutions. It can be extremely annoying to get time delayed while dealing with an order, just because the necessary packaging material is running out at the defining moment. Delay in delivery? This will not happen to you with us. Get in touch with us on time for your order of cardboards and packaging and presume that you can accept the maxi letter box, large letter box, large envelopes as well as book packaging in necessary number of pieces within 3 to 5 working days (abroad, 1-3 within Germany) from your incoming order.  

No naive fallacy - Cardboards and packaging in the online shop

In times of rising costs - in logistics as well as the peripheral interests - there remains for senders a must to pack the goods very reasonable. Save postage go the magic words. To manage the split between give the shipping good a valued optics and to not let arise any disappointment with the receiver at the same time, this is the art of the best organised shipping department. We support your added value as well as your external representation with cardboards and packaging, with which you not only experience clear added value from meaningful and solid materials, but also profit from our offered quantity discount. Lend your cardboards a smile. We are glad to welcome you as a contented regular customer.
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