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Padded Envelopes With Digital Printing

Padded shipping of small products

Logistics and administrative office operations effective...

The efficiency of the logistics within your firm as well as the whole dispatch decide, to a not insignificant part, in the available packaging material. A completely simple conclusion: Which sense does it make to produce a product as fast as possible to falter then with the dispatch; which sense does it make to write a letter, when the necessary envelope for the dispatch is missing? With your working business company, you are dependent on supplies of cartons and cardboard boxes at any time. It would be annoying and added value reducing to economize here on the wrong end. So that this does not happen to you, we adjusted ourselves to be able to deliver within 3 days from receipt of order.

For the dispatch of your products worthy of protection - air cushion bags

Small products often are also fragile products. To reach the receiver safely, it is not enough to just put them into a usual envelope. even if the measures would allow that. They need protection against the usual risks on the postal way. The perfect packaging variation for such goods are the padded envelopes. They offer protection against external influences, are made of recyclable synthetics and are equipped with several closure types. Different dimensions of these special category guarantee for the fact that the most different items find the perfect kind of packaging. Profit from the fact that there is an adhesion closure and a self-adhesive closure and, besides, there is the possibility to additionally protect the envelope with a clip-closure.

Order padded envelopes cheap online - karton.eu

Trust the specialist with the purchase of your packaging material: We from karton.eu have proved for many years, that we not only have the consistent distribution at our disposal, but also deliver for competitive prices. The big number of contented regular customers speaks a clear language. Cartons and cardboard boxes online!
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