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To optimal loading of an euro pallet!

For the commercial use - pallet boxes in the online shop...
Pallet boxes have quite a special value in the dispatch of goods. Basically, the whole dispatch of goods on land and sea is specified into 3 ways - general cargo, bulk dispatching and the pallet transport. Who may disagree with this statement and wonders why we do not call the container traffic, should realize that the container is, in the end, stowed with general cargo or pallets, and therefore it is only a generic term for both variations. Pallets also use a euro-norm in the international traffic, that is why it is unavoidable that also the pallet boxes, those cardboards which are transported on a pallet, correspond to their dimensions.

With folding edge for optimum loading

We offer you such pallet boxes, which have a folding edge at 640 mm height for the loading of the cardboard and with a pinned closure. These, usually used for forwarding agencies, containers consist of sturdy cardboard and guarantee that your goods arrive safely with your customers. Especially for the products, which cannot be shrinked in film like bagged goods, pallet boxes offer a clean dispatch possibility. The loading as well as the unloading can be carried out directly on the pallet, so that the forklift can access afterwards as soon as possible to carry the pallet box directly in the loading ramp of the truck or in the shelve.

Please pay attention to the quantity scaling while ordering in our online shop

For the order of pallet boxes use the advantages of the experienced and renowned online shop. Particularly as we deliver within three working days after we received your order, you do not need to expect delays of delivery and have the required cardboards available at any time. From an order volume of more than 160 pieces of the pallet boxes please respect that we only can deliver a multiple of it, that means 320, 480 pieces etc.
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