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Postal boxes perfect - with cartons and cardboard boxes from karton.eu...

Made of sturdy cardboard, a practical hand closure in the middle, automatic bottom and folding lid, these are the demands, which postal boxes should fulfil. When the cardboard can also be built up within seconds and therefore becomes a clear argument of the time-saving with the dispatch of goods, the solution is, actually perfect. »Actually perfect« means, there could be one more statement to make it completely consistent. Here it comes: Due to the offered quantity scaling we can supply you with cardboards for your goods at absolute lowest prices.

It just must fit - postal boxes reasonable in the online shop

Cartons and carboard packaging must obligatory match to the dimensions of the respective product. Only that is how the postage costs can be held on a least possible level. Not less important is, in cost-accounting regard, to keep the required filling on justifiable price level, with which you protect your products and let them arrive safe and sound with the customer. Even filling costs money. The hollower spaces there are to fill, the more capital will permanently be entwined by "nothing". An exact and to the dimensions appropriate planning is noticeable in its unit cost calculation as well as the added value -  and that more than clear.

Appearance scores with the customer, when the product enters the "stage" 

The postal box still has another, not to be forgotten component: You have produced or shopped your goods with large precision, with love for the detail and for sure also with a little pride - and now in the last step of dispatch the whole »will anyhow be squeezed into a cardboard box«? Unimaginable. Perfect the external presentation of your company with cardboards from our range. Did you know that you can get the cardboards printed with your own company logo with us? You can even use this as a business card of your company.

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