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Remaining Stock

Remaining quantity for reasonable prices

Cannot be cheaper - remaining stock in our online-shop...

A look at the remaining stock can always be worthwhile. From our remaining stock or overcapacities, we can offer you special bargains on this side. Worthwhile for you, because you buy cartons and cardboard boxes for cheap prices - not less attractive for us, because we can vacate our warehouse and create storage capacities for new products. Now and then it is a special offer, which is worth to be placed in your storage. Here you may discover, what you have been looking for.

Brutally calculated - and get it out

When we do not stock an article any more permanently in our assortment, you can financially profit from it. There may be a product change or it can simply happen, that we wait for a complete new delivery and need the storage capacities for the »newcomer«. In such cases it says »out with the remaining stock«. Of courses the prices for this are far under the usual offers. We hope you understand, that we assume from higher order amounts than the usual dispatch. And because the amounts of remaining stock are limited, we recommend you decide as quickly as possible.

The secret of the businessman in the online shop

The terms of delivery and dispatch do not change with the remaining stock. Use the chance to stock up reasonable with remaining quantity and increase your earning. Wait and see and keep up to date. The secret of the businessman lies in the reasonable purchase. The cartons and cardboard packaging from remaining stock offer you a perfect possibility.
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