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Securing Packaging

This securing packaging offers an optimal solution for the dispatch of high-quality and sensitive products...
In 3 simple steps you can protect your product against damages by bumps or vibrations with the help of a stretch film. The elastic film optimally adapts itself to the form of your product and therefore allows a versatile range of purpose.

The construction of the fixtray occurs as following: Centre your product under the stretch film. Now fold down the long sides of the inlay. In this way you stretch the film and fix your product. After that you fold up the shorter sides and put the fixtray in the suitable overpack.

This special packaging offers the addressee a special highlight after opening the overpack. It immediately shows the product on account of the clear stretch film and hence allows a unique presentation.

Suitable for the dispatch of sensitive products such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, iPads, digital frames, various electrical appliances or even ceramics and porcelain.
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