Single Cardboard Sheets

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Packed with sense and stowed with corrugated cardboard cuttings... 

There is and remains the everlasting subject while packing of goods of all kind: Hollow cavities need to be avoided or been filled, and as soon as should be packed in multiple layers, there must be created an intermediate layer, to avoid the slipping of the load in itself. The optimum solution for this are corrugated cardboard cuttings, which already guarantee, on account of their composition - single or double wall, the best possible stability. That these cardboards are required in various dimensions, goes on account their different demands without saying. That is why we have various sizes in our online shop ready for you. If you need divergent sizes, we look forward to your request. It is one of our special fortes to serve individually and to find an answer on every question.

Different demands - different measures

Experience with us how reasonable packaging and equipment can be. The expression »reasonable« has more components: reasonable in the purchase price as well as reasonable in the handling. For example, you want to dispatch tires on rims? Nothing is worse than to scratch the rims on the delivery way only because they are not saved enough. For this you discover with us round corrugated cardboard cuttings, with which the tires can be stacked safely without any problems. You need to pack various packages, where the single goods must be stacked on top of each other in layers? A braking action of the transporting truck, and the goods said goodbye to their original position. So, what seems more reasonable as to separate the layers in the beginning. The corrugated cardboard cuttings are the perfect helper, who avoid, that the cargo load already slips in itself. Depending on demand - for these individual cardboards simply contact us!

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Use the advantages of the online shop - that concerns warehouse availability as well as the delivery conditions and the payment options. For special questions we find not less special answers. Protect big objects from bumps and friction with corrugated cardboard cuttings. We look forward to you contacting us.