Single Wall Boxes With Christmas Motif

Order cheap single wall cardboard boxes online...

For light-weight and medium-weight products, single wall cardboard boxes are a consistent packaging. The packing charges with these cardboards can be held cheap, as it is not necessary, concerning the weight, to fall back on multiwall variations. We present you all current dimensions of single wall cardboards on this side, so you can optimally organise you operational shipping. The businessman's best profit arises from the preferably cheapest purchase. This also concerns the dispatch material. Profit from the offered quantity scale. Depending on your storage capacities as well as the incidental shipping volume, it calculates itself to achieve the best purchase price with the order on a large scale. So that your calculation writes black figures, lower your unit costs by cheap single wall cardboard packaging from our online shop.

No compromises - packaging must fit!

In our clear presentation you find boxes of 100-mm length up to 2,000-mm length, indeed - evidently, as soon as you click on the single articles - also various intermediate sizes. The value of the cardboard, conformist on the usually incident goods, becomes conscious mostly when they are not available once. Awkwardly time-exhausting and nerve-wracking compromises must be found, which often are not promotional in optical regard. So that this does not happen to you, we recommend you to think on time about the long-term shipping amount and to step in contact with us. 

Continuously able to deliver - resolutely supplied

With the knowledge about your demands and needs we have organised our logistics customer friendly and reliably. Be sure that we
stand up for you interests with sense of responsibility and trust in our experienced ways of delivery. We supply you continuously with pleasure, even timed deliveries do not represent any problem and ensure, that your supplies are guaranteed at any time.