Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes With Christmas Motif

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Simple and fast to construct

Spare your purse and nerves with the auto-lock bottom box...

»Time is money«, this frequently used remark is, in the matter of the packaging with cardboards and cartons, just one side of the medal. Because time also costs nerves - especially if you waste it, and this sometimes goes faster than you think. You want to bring something quick to dispatch, but the cardboard just does not hold in a way he should. Anyhow you got the contents into the box, but the lid let close itself just very laboriously. This is nerve-racking. When there were no auto-lock bottom boxes.

Online thought along - auto-lock bottom boxes as a comfortable possibility

An auto-lock bottom box can be helpful with tiny details, when it is a matter of packing things in business or private life without improvisation. With these cartons and cardboard boxes, we offer you possibilities for efficiently handling and fast construction. A safe and environmentally friendly self-adhesive closure is the guarantor for uncomplicated closing of the cardboard, and the vertical cutting allows a flexible and therefore postage or space saving filling height. Trivial, whether you want to use the auto-lock bottom box for the dispatch of goods or for your own storekeeping - it does not go easier.

Buy auto-lock bottom boxes online for a reasonable price - with the packaging specialist

Easy, simple and functioning, that is how cartons and carboard packaging should be, in this regard the auto-lock bottom box appears as a prime example. When on top of that we remind you of the arguments of our online shop, there is nothing in the way of an order for your part: Profit from free shipping within Germany (except islands). For orders abroad please get in touch with us, so we can provide you a sound and reasonable offer. Experience how fast delivery can be, when the suppliers stock is right. With us it is right, within 3 working days (within Germany) after receiving your order you will have your cartons and packaging. For abroad it is just about 2 more working days. From the various payment methods, you can choose your favourite one and for further inquiries we are available to you by telephone as well as email.