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Yes, we have. You can take a look at our catalogue online as PDF file. - click here -
Of course, you can order as a private person. Just put the desired products in your shopping cart and finish the ordering process.
When you log in to the web shop (at the top right) and go to “my account”, you find your customer number in the top area. Furthermore, your customer number is recorded in the order confirmation mail as well as on the invoice.

The dimensions for the cardboard boxes are indicated in mm (millimetre) for the internal dimensions, if they are not explicit noted as “external dimensions”.

L (length) x W (width) x H (height)

  • length = longer dimension on the opening side

  • width = shorter dimension on the opening side

  • height = dimension between bottom edge and top edge

The mu (µ) is a unit of measurement, which is 1 thousandth from a millimetre (1 mu = 0,001 mm). The micro symbol is an independent character.
The general storage conditions are:
  • store in a dry place
  • protect from direct sunlight
  • should be stored in the temperature range between 19 and 23 °C
  • the recommended air humidity level ranges from 55 to 65 %
The RESY Organisation für Wertstoffentsorgung GmbH is a community of corrugated board manufacturers, waste paper disposer and producer of corrugating medium and considers itself as a provider for the whole value chain.

The RESY symbol has a similar meaning as the “Grüner Punkt” (green point – german dual system (DSD)), but is especially valid for paper and cardboard.

Is cardboard packaging, made of paper or cardboard, printed with the RESY symbol, it guarantees the recyclability by total waste disposal and material recycling. The guidelines of packaging ordinance for transport packages will be fulfilled with the applying of the RESY symbol. With the RESY symbol you get, after contract conclusion, an identification number which always must be applied.
If you add your printable product to the shopping cart, you have the option to upload your print data. Alternativerly, you can also send them to druck@karton.eu with you order number.
Delivery / Shipping
For the parcel shipping 1 till 3 working days and with forwarding agent 1 till 4 working days, 2 additional days for deliveries to abroad.
Depending on the order situation at the hired parcel service, in exceptional cases it can come to partial deliveries. The missing parcel will probably be delivered on the following day.
Small parts and equipment can possibly be packed, that you cannot see them from outside. At first please carefully check in between the packed goods. If there is still nothing to find, please contact us on service@karton.eu.
Please notice that some articles from our assortment are dispatched directly from other external warehouses. If you do not get them on the following day or within the from us announced delivery time, please contact us via mail on service@karton.eu.
The cardboard boxes will be send flat-lying as well as place-saving and dispatch optimized. After receipt you have to construct them.
The cardboard boxes will be folded and sealed in tubular film, if necessary they will additionally be strapped with plastic bands.
Please communicate your wish of express delivery to us in your shop order in the comment field. Your order must be fulfilled latest till 12 noon, otherwise an express delivery for the following day is not possible. Possible time-settings for the delivery on the next working day (Monday till Friday) are 10 am, 12 noon and 6 pm. You will be informed about the relevant additional express delivery costs and the feasibility before the shipping commissioning.
Please question via mail to service@karton.eu.
In a few steps you complete your sample order with us:
  • 1. Open online shop www.karton.eu
  • 2. Choose desired article and put the minimum purchase quantity into your shopping cart (except custom made cartons, see below)
  • 3. Compile a customer account
  • 4. Choose payment method advanced payment
  • 5. IMPORTANT! Note the following into the comment field: MUSTER LAUT FAQ
  • 6. Order liable to pay

CAUTION: After that you will get an automatic order confirmation mail from our shop. The invoice amount is not relevant for you. Only in the next step we change the order to a desired sample quantity of 1 and create a zero-invoice.

The sample will be send to you immediately.

NOTE: A sample lump sum from 15 EUR (net) per format is charged for custom made cartons. The sample lump sum will be credited in case of an order. Select the order quantity planned for a later date. Please note that we can only offer unprinted custom made cartons. Delivery time: approx. 1-2 weeks.

For big bags, LDPE plastic sacks and gusseted polythene bags a sample fee of 7,50 € (net) applies.

A sample lump sum from 15 EUR (net) arises for the following articles: dangerous goods boxes, bottle boxes, bottle sleeves, bag-in-boxes, various single wall & double wall boxes (art no. 066, 068, 070, 072, 074, 093, 221, 389, 390, 471, 867, 1084, 1246 to 1253, 2593, 2630 to 2634, 6036). The sample lump sum will be credited in case of an order of your sample with an invoiced value of goods from 150 EUR (net).

A sample lump sum from 30 EUR (net) is charged for boxes with individual digital printing, while boxes with christmas or easter motifs are subject to a fee of 15 € (net). These cannot be credited on any subsequent orders. An individual arrangement is possible at articles which can be purchased as of a decrease of 1 piece, ex. article 336, 353 as well as 1122.

We do not send samples for the following articles: Endless cardboard, euroboxes, SpeedManBox (395), Polster pac Box (2288), FormpackBox (2594), hazard labels, pizza boxes, remaining stock.

till 5 art.6-10 art.11-15 art.16-20 art.21-25 art.26-30 art.31-35 art.from 35 art.
0,00 € net18,00 € net27,00 € net35,00 € net45,00 € net55,00 € net65,00 € net

on Request

Our invoices will only be send in PDF format to your indicated email address. Please have a look in your spam or junk file too.
Packaging regulation
Packaging material, which you send to consumer, must, according to the packaging regulation (VerpackV), be licensed at a dual system. We explicitly indicate, that the from us sold packaging material is not licensed. For further questions please turn to a relevant provider for licensing.
Delivery costs to abroad
  • From 5.50 EUR net for: Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic
  • From 7.50 EUR net for: Denmark
  • From 9.99 EUR net for: France, Monaco
  • From 12.99 EUR net for: Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary
  • From 15.99 EUR net for: Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain
  • From 19.99 EUR net for: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia
  • From 8.50 EUR / parcel + 26.00 EUR export costs (costs for customs clearance) net for: Switzerland, Liechtenstein
  • From 19.99 EUR / parcel + 26.00 EUR export costs (costs for customs clearance) net for: Norway
  • From 63.00 EUR net for: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania
This is exclusively possible via mail to bestellung@karton.eu with details of delivery address, invoice address, quantity and article, if necessary VAT ID. You will get an immediate reply!
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