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Folding Boxes

For small shipping duties

Order folding boxes online for a reasonable price - the simple variation...

Whether you have to dispatch books, documents or presents, whether you like to pack your goods in an uncomplicated way, folding boxes are constructed and ready for sending in just a few seconds. You pack all small and medium-sized goods pleasantly and with low temporal expenditure. The stability of these cartons and carboards guarantees the best possible transport to your customers. With folding boxes, you are optimally prepared for any requirements within your dispatch.

For every need the perfect »model« - be kind to nerves and budget

With the help of the given dimensions and descriptions you can easily ascertain which of the folding boxes are suitable for your specific demands. Here you can find the maxi letter boxes such as the postal boxes, here you decide between single wall folding boxes or automatic cardboard boxes. We offer all this to you in various dimensions in which also has been noticed on special uses for example, with the single wall white folding box 900x160x65 mm, which suits perfect for the shipping of posters and rolled documents. And of course, with us you profit from reasonable prices, please pay attention to the offered quantity scaling for your cartons and cardboards.

Saving of price and time with folding boxes from the online shop

Especially as the resealable boxes concerning their size can be perfectly coordinated ordered to the size of the product, you save worth cash. Postage costs do not only decide on the weight, but also on their dimensions, so to the size scaling. Therefore, senders should absolutely pay attention to move in a low-price range. Everybody is aware that unnecessary postage costs unnecessarily raise the price of a product, that shipping costs are factors, which can directly flow into the calculation and can reduce the net profit. In our online assortment you experience, which possibilities exist to dispatch the goods optically attractive, safe and cost-saving and postage-saving at the same time. So that you - private or in the operational process - do not waste any time, money or nerves, we offer you folding boxes for various uses. Because it goes faster and looks more attractive!
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