Long Cardboard Boxes

For long and narrow products

Unsual dimensions of the cardboard packaging for posters & Co...

For special goods such as posters, pictures, construction plans or similar you need cartons and cardboard boxes in unusual dimensions. The length is decisive to guarantee an intact dispatch. For light-weight till medium-weight goods, the long boxes, which consist of brown, sturdy, corrugated cardboard, offer you an optimal protective packaging. From our experience as a packaging specialist we can assess which dimensions are generally used. If you need different dimensions for your operational uses between storage and dispatch, we are still looking forward to your request. We are sure to find a consistent answer.

With cartons and cardboard boxes basically, but especially with long cardboard boxes, it makes more than sense to pay attention to the postal guidelines regarding the dimensions. This guarantees the very reasonable classification by the dispatch and protects you against undesirable surprises with the postage. However, in the end, the accruing costs are only one side of the medal. Far more attractive presents your company itself, when the goods are packed appealingly, as if the customer receives an improvised packaging. Not to forget that this is a part of the representation of your company and you should absolutely use the automatically arising advertising space.

"Long cardboard boxes" - choose your favourite payment method

The subject of the payment options with us is arranged as varied as friendly. If you, for example, decide on the bank debit, the invoice amount will be debited within 14 days from your account without other costs. The immediately transfer during the order is certified by the technical inspection association (TÜV). You just need to have your online banking details ready while you order. There is no surcharge. If advanced payment is your favourite, send us your transfer voucher so we can send you your product immediately. Of course, you can also pay on invoice. With this variation, reminders are estimated with 5.00 EUR. Furthermore, there are the possibilities to pay by PayPal or credit card. Simply select for the order of your cartons and cardboard packaging.