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Moving Boxes

The robust assistant for your moves

Buy moving boxes online when the new home is waiting...

The new domicile is found; you and your family look forward to moving into the new (at least) four walls. Everything corresponds to your personal and individual ideas. As a nature lover you may have found a romantic house in a rural surrounding, as a typical town person you could decide on a new home right in the middle of the events. And now the move approaches. Now all many little things and big things, which have collected over the years want to be packed into moving boxes to rebuild them safe and sound in the new home.

Cartons and cardboard packaging in our online shop - we know how it is done!

The demands, which moving cardboard must fulfil, are obvious. These representatives of cardboards must be loadable, to guarantee enough safety for your belongings. On the other hand, they need to be transportable. That means, it is not very helpful, when the boxes are as full as they cannot be moved anymore. So they should, even for 2 people, not be loaded over 40 kg, rather less - according to purpose. It makes sense, that move cardboards correspond to certain standard dimensions. Therefore, they can be stowed into the move carriage and be protected against any damages.

So that the move does not start in a chaos - move cardboards and equipment

With us, the packaging specialist, you find double wall cardboards, which turn out to be optimum variation for heavy goods. The butterfly bottom holds out the appearing loads. Your collected treasures of the past would probably never forgive you if you spare here at the wrong end and take a compromise solution. The better something is packed, the surer it will able to accompany your life undamaged. To make the whole perfect, we recommend you have a look at our reasonable adhesive tape or bubble wrap. Finally, these details can provide a good feeling while moving.
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