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Shelf Boxes

Clear store keeping! Reasonable solutíon for tidy storage - shelf cardboards...
Not only in trade also in the workshop or in various offices, several parts of the everyday need or the usual work routine must be available quickly, and this - please - very well tidy. Simply putting it in the shelf makes less sense. Much too fast everything is messy there again. The consistent solution are shelf boxes, which we offer you in various dimensions. This variation of the sturdy single wall cardboard boxes scores by a plug-in closure, which allows a fast construction. The cardboards are delivered flat-lying and suit for all common shelves and shelve systems. A fast and not less durable solution for many uses of the internal store keeping.

Simply conformist to the current assortment - shelve cardboards in the online shop

Not to forget: Shelf boxes can be exchanged easily, if, for example, an article is not in the assortment anymore, a certain size of a work piece is not required anymore or the container has just become unsightly. Even for mobile purposes, for example, the use on fairs and presentations shelf boxes are just the right thing. Provide for the proper sorting without big expenditure, that is the big advantage of these representatives from the world of cardboards and packaging.

Clear and tidy - shelf boxes from karton.eu

If you decide on this variation of store keeping, find in us a competent partner, who is capable of delivery at any time and with whom you order yours shelve boxes for the best prices. Find out with us the advantages, which, in many years of business activity, have turned out customer friendly and reliable. Cartons and cardboard boxes you buy online with us are usually with you within three working days from receipt of the order. Various payment options give you the possibility to decide your favourite one, that suits your company or your personal circumstances. Based on our quantity scaling you can easily find out how reasonable we are with the shelf boxes. Decide on a bigger quantity means for us a lower expenditure, which we can appreciate with clearly lower prices.

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